If I’d lived my life by what others were thinkin’, the heart inside me would’ve died

I was just too stubborn to ever be governed by enforced insanity

Someone had to reach for the risin’ star, I guess it was up to me

"Up to Me" by Bob Dylan)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Weather Management

Evening’s pale charger has catapulted 
the charcoal horizon
sun’s chariot streaks 
rainbow sherbert-breasted
cirrho-cumulus tufts
in swirls of chemtrails
painted by solar geoengineers.

I hear him boasting of his masterpiece [as though he or she were not the handiwork of God!]:

“No Leonardo is required!
I have no pretension to artistry
and yet look:
even Rubens could not geoengineer such a sunset.
This is the 21st century!”

And so, the sunset continues to fade in velvet-stroked cerulean blues over roseate tufts of cotton candy pink diffused light 
now chroma is disappearing 
the cicada’s song rising to yet another crescendo and falling to a whisper with the tree frog
over a chirping cricket polyphony. 

Such dense music.

Evening’s charger has catapulted into her charcoal palace
as the music of pennsylvania’s woods wafts and fades.
In late august all is wan and sear.

Such dense beauty.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dutch Whistleblower: Ex-Illuminati Banker


Monday, June 12, 2017

Bonhoeffer's Quote

The fact that the foolish person is often stubborn must not blind us to the fact that he is not independent. In conversation with him, one virtually feels that one is dealing not at all with him as a person, but with slogans, catchwords, and the like that have taken possession of him. 

He is under a spell, blinded, misused, and abused in his very being. Having thus become a mindless tool, the foolish person will also be capable of any evil and at the same time incapable of seeing that it is evil. This is where the danger of diabolical misuse lurks, for it is this that can once and for all destroy human beings.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Letters and Papers From Prison

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

What color is your day?

Dad used to ask his children: What color of day will it be? Today was a fine day---reminds me of Ireland's thick full breasted Spring sky and now we are into June by one week! I am working the soils and it is such a wondrous and beautiful---to help nature and God with the fine details of his vegetable world. The rabbits are doing wonderful---very prolific---mothers digging nests and stuffing their mouths the wee kits and bunnies feeling the exuberance of this calm day---they are at play. Olivia (pictured below) kept guard over the yard and acted as a "captain" of the territory---in charge! Two cats had begun to creep in on Sherpa (lop-eared rabbit)---I caught them just in time---a third back-up was on the way. After routing out the cats, I picked up Sherpa who looked at me quizzically: I said, "You know, Sherpa, it is time for you to go inside." The day is magnificent---Walt Whitman calls it a "specimen day". Van Morrison sings about the country fair---and the "wide open day". It is a "soft-cushioned" day meaning that the edges are soft and the sounds are muffled, the overall effect is soothing. I can hear Dad asking me, "Son what color is your day?" It is the rich brown of rabbit soil! 

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Luna Plays "Oh My Love (John Lennon)": Beautiful

Dostoevsky's Take on Socialism and Do-Gooders

“Having detached themselves from the people, they naturally also lost God. The restless among them become atheists; the apathetic and placid ones waxed indifferent. For the Russian people they felt nothing but contempt, believing, however, that they loved the people and wished them the best of everything. But they loved the people negatively, conceiving in their stead  [italics mine] some ideal people, such as according to their notions, the Russian people ought to be (Diary, vol. 1, p. 5).”

Substitute the word ‘American’ in the place of ‘Russian’ and one has the sense of a “putative liberal”---perhaps of the Clinton stripe---but actually quite broadly the very type of the “cool” , agnostic, well educated, post-1970s american--- And this applies to all the races in america, the common feature tends to be higher education. Enlightened liberals should be ---well ‘liberal’! They should be open-minded toward all gender transfiguration therapies and other alternative lifestyles...because...because...it’s the right thing to do! One has the sense that we care more about Caitlyn Jenner and Ellen Degeneres than the old lady on the corner of the street.

Back to Dostoevsky’s quote: for actual existing american individuals these people feel nothing but contempt or a patronizing pity. But man do they love mankind---they are committed to the wellbeing of every village, shanty, hamlet...from Syria to Timbuktu ”I am a socialist---I vow to love humanity once they are formed in a reasonable user friendly way and brought up to snuff with our cultural ‘best practices’.” Never mind that this is profound form of disrespect for the actual culture of the actual existing human beings and moreover is a reproach to God, the Creator. "Yahweh, You could have done a better job, so we are going to have to take over and fix things up." By the way, that is the core definition of the mission of one aspect of the Catholic Church. The new twist is that the new church is a global science of “helping” everything and everybody to get better! Until that day when these poor, pathetic individuals can be brought up to speed, with technology and the same kind of hopes and dreams that liberals everywhere enjoy. This is the essence of socialism thanks to the dynamic duo of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg---I want to save the world, we are the world, but my neighbors are idiots, oh wait since I became a billionaire, I haven’t actually had to rub elbows with the proletariat, I haven’t actually spoken with a real existing individual who does not share my identical social metrics, etc... That’s OK, surely Elon Musk, Obama, and Eric Schmidt will save the day! 

Allow me to take the liberty of using the term do-gooder in a qualified and operational sense. I recall a little coin box on our family dinner table in the ‘70s---my brother was putting $2.36 as the value of his meal into the box which would raise funds to feed a starving child in Africa. This practice surely had an impact in planting the seeds of what would later become a prevalent attitude toward doing good deeds for people half way around the world. Meanwhile no one noticed that our customs were slipping away just as fast as the globalist aspirations were being formed. Fast forward to 2017 when nearly every american is uprooted---call it social mobility---but having left behind the soil of their youth to greedy capitalists and corrupt local bully polluticians (let it stand)---the overall destruction of the american soil and water is thanks to the diaspora of small town boys and girls to urban centers in the ‘90s and after---this paints a picture of the type of person I describe as a ‘putative liberal.” This class of folk tend to be friends of the world, globalists, techies and do-gooders who loyally believe in global warming because the scientists and academicians and TED talkers say so. They also therefore “believe in” (fall hook, line and sinker) geoscience, solar geoengineering (chemtrails)---they might even have a suspicion that the 9/11 truthers might be onto something, but they are more inclined to believe the “climate scientists” more than the truther physicists. After all no one has to feel guilty for the planned demolition of WTC 1, 2 and 7 Buildings. But as for global warming---it cashed out in individual moral responsibility (carbon ‘footprint’). 

Can anybody else see that two ‘sciences’ are being practiced? Empirical science which requires evidence for truth (such as physics-when a physicist tells you that the WTC buildings fell at free fall 9.8meters per second per second, this means that it is a physical impossibility that the Official Report account is true. And this means that this NIST scientists who corroborated this finding are either lying or incompetent or both). Next we find the term ‘science’ being used in everything from kids ‘science’ camps, to Bill Nye the ‘science’ guy, to the Big Bang versus Creation Science, to climate science and many other dubious practices many of which are simply “pseudo-science.” Such ‘science’ is non-falsifiable as in Global Warming Theory---it requires a meta-narrative---for example, anthropogenic global warming in order to cash out the kind of plan of action called for. Science refers here to a global governance, a kind of Brave New World Church. It is a belief system that is widely accepted as truth by do gooders and putative liberals everywhere. So, there is no question that when an option for doing something (anything) rather than nothing is available a do-gooder will opt to take it or sponsor the idea. For example if aerosol spraying of the atmosphere is required to try to save the planet from extinction even if the odds are less than one per cent of it happening then this demands that a risk be taken to “research” chemtrails, even if the risk is greater than the risk which justified them taking this course of action in the first place. :) If there is a snowball’s chance in hell of doing some “miraculous” medical intervention on a kid, then by golly, we need to do that.

Ah, but this is a diversion, I am talking about do-gooders tendency to believe in whatever kind of theory (science) that their culture presents (transgender science, bioevolution and the proliferations of meta-sciences) hence making them susceptible to chemtrails and not the kind of socialism Dostoevsky wrote about in the passage above. But I am making the claim that the person he is describing above is of the same stripe. It is not the right of an enlightened liberal to question Global Warming or any other globally sanctioned, peer reviewed science---any more than a good catholic should question the virgin birth--- so there!


In F. M. Dostoievsky’s [sic] Diary of a Writer (2 volumes, tr. Boris Brasol) in his publication of the diary in 1873, Dostoevsky squarely relates a profound fact about globalism and socialism. In this remark concerning  ‘gentilhomme russe et citoyen du monde’ [“a Russian gentleman and citizen of the world”] he reveals that for the socialists the “... last ties with Russian soil and Russian truths had disintegrated (Diary, vol. 1, p. 5).” This citizen of the world calls to mind two references: firstly, in the sacred scriptures Jesus warns against being a “friend of the world” which is precisely what ‘citoyen du monde’ echoes. The second suggestion to be drawn is the idea of a diasporic  ‘cosmopolitan, deracinated Jew. 

Monday, June 05, 2017

Putin Comes Out the Winner in this Interview: Exposes the Digital Technology Black Box

Blue Man: Agyria Case Found to Be a Pharma Promoted Hoax: He did not use colloidal silver.

Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind ---- Must Read: But for Another Reason


Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama all recommend this book---that recommends it as a NON-read in my estimation (what do any of these men know about human nature?).  But since at least with Bill Gates who attempts to rule the world with his billions funding chemtrails, global, universal immunization---yet, has no real background in anthropology, or philosophical anthropology---and Mark Zuckerberg's knowledge is limited to computing---one must take note of their recommendation for another reason: it may provide a clue as to their misguided efforts at ruling the world and their do-gooder philanthropy which has an ulterior motive. For this reason perhaps it should be read.

Monday, May 01, 2017

Sapphires---Words of Wisdom from Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

Monday, May 1, 2017

In the last two issues of Sapphires, I�ve written on the events of 2016-17, the election that changed the course of the American government. We will now focus on the larger picture and the prophetic significance.rnrnIn both the fall of ancient Israel and that of ancient Judah, even when the nation was at war against everything right and heading for judgment, God extended mercy, gave reprieves, windows of grace, windows of time for the nation to repent and turn back. It was also His mercy to use shaking to bring a nation back to repentance. I believe we are witnessing a window, a chance for repentance – as well as the answering of the multitude of fervent prayers that were lifted up by believers on behalf of America.rnrn But there is a warning. The Harbinger was released in 2012. I wrote it in 2010, long before this election and well before the previous! election . Yet, what most people don’t realize, is that I was led to put within its pages, Donald Trump. It was in the chapter entitled “The Tower.” In it, his words paralleled the vow of Isaiah 9:10, the ancient declaration that led to Israel’s judgment. In fact, the vow to ‘Make America great again,’ - without a return to God - comprises another form of the ancient vow, ‘We will rebuild with hewn stones.’ If in this window of time we place our trust in government, in politics, in man, in our own abilities, in our own greatness, then we will be repeating the error of ancient Israel, and will be risking disaster. rnrn At the same time as I mentioned last month, it was confirmed that key people in the Trump campaign have read or are reading The Harbinger. We must pray for the president and the government to seek the will of God and that God will have His way.rnrnWhat happened in the election was not the answer, but an opportunity for the answer. The answer is not gov! ernment, or politics, or any manmade thing. The answer is revival from the presence of God. If we even change laws, but do not change hearts and lives, especially that of the younger generation, then the nation’s course will ultimately remain the same, unaltered – and we will have wasted the chance given us. rnrn What must we then do? We must use this reprieve, this window of time, to pray, labor, minister, and go all out for repentance, return, and revival. We must be bold and boldly proclaim the Gospel to all and to the culture and world around us. And we must not only pray and minister revival, we must ourselves, live revival. If we do this, then great things can come. rnrnAre we heading to revival or judgment? The answer may lie in the words God gave to Solomon three thousand years ago: “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their! sin and will heal their land.” Do exactly that this month. And may the Lord greatly bless you as you do. rnrnYour brother and co-laborer in His love and service,rnrnJonathanrn

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Just Imagine This....

Imagine...Getting a manifest which lists the amount of time one spends computing (especially wasting time on futile and vain pursuits)....Like: You wasted 300 hundred hours on Youtube or Facebook.

THen imagine being billed for all of these hours of wasted time.
THen consider that all of your wasted hours on the computer are not a waste for the surveillance inner cadres and the data analysis firms that plot your every blink and move. THey profit from your wasted time.

THen realize that the companies and groups that analyze data are almost never good---that is, that they have never once done  single good deed for any one actual living person.

Finally realize that you are "working" for the adversary---someone or something that plots to destroy your actual individual truth and goodness. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

From Spinoza's Preface to the Tractatus Theologico-Politicus

I want to share a quote from Spinoza:
"Granted, then, that the supreme mystery of despotism, its prop and stay, is to keep men in a state of deception, and with the specious title of religion to cloak the fear by which they must be held in check, so that they will fight for their servitude as if for salvation, and count it not to shame, but the highest honour, to spend their blood and their lives for the glorification of one man. Yet no more disastrous policy can be devised in a free commonwealth. To invest with prejudice or in any way coerce the citizen's free judgement is altogether incompatible with the freedom of the people."

What part of the game is not rigged from cradle to grave and K-12? I recall John Lennon singing: "You think your so clever and classless and free but your all fucking peasants as far as I can see." Free thinking is the mark of a free citizen---it doesn't matter if the game is rigged and the government is a lying swindle---it is your own step that matters. Freedom Is as Freedom Does---nothing more. A complete slave or cripple can still practice mental freedom...

Political Correctness is "the beginning of the end..." If I cannot speak freely my mind and teach freely then can you tell me what advantage there is to living in the land of plenty?

I am certain that I do not only speak for myself that I am disgusted at the violations against liberty that computing has brought about---it is the great enslaver. I hold the designers no matter how cool you think they are to assume some responsibility for the unintended consequences of the internet, WWW, and all of the apps and connectivity by which the web of totalitarian fascist surveillance destroys the fabric of virtue and yet parades as a liberator. Perhaps John of Patmos was referring to the internet when he mentioned the Beast in the Book of Revelation and closely associated with the mark of the beast and its image. Who then is its false prophet?

I guarantee you this much---that the despotic sway of scientism which describes the human intellect---that is the soul, in terms of neuroscience is a deception. All attempts at artificial intelligence smack of blasphemy---a hidden agenda of man ascending to the heights, like the Tower of Babel. Psychology is fallen so far from the mark of attempting to adequately account for human understanding and the miraculous nature of the human intellect.

It is evidently clear that if you extrapolate a picture of governance from the practice of contemporary science of all stripes---i.e. cosmology, neuroscience, geoengineering, socioevolution, AI, etc... reveals a fascist political underpinning---shibbolethic high-priests in secret societies ("peer review"---there you have another piece of the political correctness strategy for mental enslavement taken straight from the Soviet rulebook) as sacred illuminati lording over the dazed citizenry. Was there ever one vote, one piece of legislation from the people prior to the restructuring of the entire acadmic, military, state government, medical, corporate before Microsoft struck its monopolistic hegemony of Windows '95? The answer is no! Computing, cybernetics runs on a completely different track. In fact if you might describe this as a political coup---let's return to pre-computer days in the States---the idea that the government could have been turned over internally was hard to imagine. But thanks to political correctness and the complete restructuring of american education according to the unproven neuroscientific paradigm---first you imagine that thinking is entirely materialistic---that is, you deny the soul---then you substitute the word "thinking" for the truth of human understanding which is a miracle through and through. Then you reduce 'thinking' to something a machine can do. Then you base psychological research on this false 'peer-reviewed paradigm and call it "brain science" a complete neologism in the Orwellian sense. What does 'science' really mean in this sense? Then you prove that the brain is a computer, then you force computing into every aspect of the human analogue experience of time and space and truth and beauty---in short you make an effort to render philosophy into oblivion. Then you declare that there is a convergence, as does IBM and Kurzweil, you mention a singularity, you call it a revolution and then put the entire world under its globalist tyranny. Then you train every school kid that computers think. Meanwhile the thinking of a child whose vision is glued to a screen of any kind is radically and dangerously impaired.