If I’d lived my life by what others were thinkin’, the heart inside me would’ve died

I was just too stubborn to ever be governed by enforced insanity

Someone had to reach for the risin’ star, I guess it was up to me

"Up to Me" by Bob Dylan)

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Dr. Shawn Fost

Jonathan Cahn- The Paradigm: Ahab and Jesebel

Clive Hamilton: Conference on Geoengineering


"Geoengineering is strategic..." and I paraphrase: [and] the only United States institution which is capable of being strategic consistently, credibly and coherently is the military. He goes on to acknowledge DARPA's involvement.

The thing that gets me is that in actual observation with ones own eyes and ears,  there is ample phenomenological, empirical evidence and data that there are airplanes that are spraying an effluent which remains in the sky and later widens and thickens into heavy clouds and that this happens on a daily basis and lasts nearly all day. Further, the flight paths are clearcut diagonals and as if on a mathematical grid, something that has been strategically mapped out like a grid. Add to this that my memory tells me that there were not as many flights and certainly passenger airflight routes were never diagonal, rectangular, and square or crossgrid! If I could take either of these two gentlemen outside at one of their conferences I could assist them by politely pointing up at the chemtrails in the sky and discussing the phenomena in a shared-analogue grapsing of the truth of the observed meteorological phenomena. And if their denial is some sort of technical denial for example that the use of the term 'chemtrail' somehow disqualifies my speaking of the truth of this phenomenon. Allow me to define 'chemtrail': the phenomenologically valid perception of the sky and its meteorological aspects which reveals an unusually high flight activation, on a clearly angular and finitely measured distribution grid (and there may even be mixing---I have observed this), the planes delivering a precise effluent of an unknown stream or smoke along the grid which when continuously observed through the passing of the day later forms thick, billowing clouds---it is like a drawing tool as an artist you do one stroke of a whitish-grey brush across the cerulean blue sky---now the color spreads evenly in the  suspension. This is the meaning of the term 'chemtrail'---you can call it anything you like: call it a billowy quarabulum for all I care! Call it phenomenon 'cloud-Z'---but if I were standing there in Calgary or in Canberra at a geoengineering conference and I drew the three of us into a congenial chat and then saw these effluents and various phenomena---then I could ask these two major scholars to illuminate my understanding concerning the truth of this phenomenon. Is there any even deeper deep strategy for changing our minds to not be able to speak with confidence concerning one's own actual existential evidence. And the geoengineering "debate" is a meta-protocol conditioning program (algorithm) whose real target is my own phenomenologically given truth, my analogue perception of the beauty of the skies---I love to paint clouds---

By the way, artists know a whole lot more than scientists about clouds---look at Turner's paintings which as Clive Hamilton says, reflected the actual phenomenological and meteorological effects
of a volcano. I have been using my eyes watching clouds and cloud formation since I was a boy!
I can prove this through my poetry. In other words my poetry is evidence of the meteorological and phenomenological evidence given as truth to my poetry. Dennis Blalock, my painting teacher, said "Shit Pete an artists has got to know everything about nature. THe more you know about the cloud---whether it is cirrhus, or cumulus, that such striate-shaped clouds do not occur in your pennsylvania skies, that these are from New Mexico, etc., etc. The artist has to know everything!"

Or put it another way the more an artist knows about phenomenon x, y, or z, the more that their art can show the truth about  x, y, or z! You cannot tell me that my minute observations of water during my 55 year sojourn on this planet---which is well recorded in all of my journals and poems---you are going to tell me that this has no value, no truth value, cannot be considered "scientific"? THen what kind of science are Keith and Hamilton discussing anyway. Science is a pretty broad term---I have defined my science above---truth given as phenomenal evidence to an analogue person who tells the truth about what they have received. Are these men speaking the truth? OR is it the case that truth is nowhere considered in the debate concerning geoengineering. Is it a case of chalatanry?

All I can say is thath with Bob Dylan I agree that "They are trying to make a liar out of me."
The contrail-chemtrail conspiracy deniers (the 'anti-truthers') such  as David Keith and Clive Hamilton make a special point of denying this---in fact Keith actually is publishing "science" articles addressing the sociological fact of the conspiracy. [Could this be an even higher dialectic than either Keith or Hamilton could imagine? Could there be a strategy that is even "deeper" than Dane Wigginton is able to grasp. In other words, the complete transformation of terrestrial science, academics, military, and it proves that Keith can generate so-called science and yet it has nothing to do with what is patently observable by everyday citizens---this is a brutal attack made upon the essence of democracy. Much like 9/11---not only are you discouraged from stating the truth but these hidden strategists even want to limit your capacity to deliver a 'logos' concerning one's own empirical evidence of truth. Now ponder this carefully: if this is what science does that is to actively militate against the truth of the individually existing truth-bearer and to shroud our analogue world with sulfuric acid---an acid-bath of effluents such as Keith describes. But no, there are no chemtrails---those guys are Kooks! Pretty funny if you ask me----Listen I don't think that these guys are actively nefarious (though sometimes I am not sure! :) :):):):    आं 

Geoengineering: RT Interview with Clive Hamilton

Living on Earth: The Pros and Cons of Geoengineering


David Keith displays his true colors as a master sophist and deceiver in this radio interview. 

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Pastor Don Nori, Sr.: Spiritual Pioneers

Bob Dylan's Prophetic Song: You're Making a Liar out of Me


I tell people, you just going through changes
And that you're acquainted both with night and day
That your money's good and you just being courageous
On them burning bridges knowing your feet are made of clay
Well I say you won't be destroyed by your inventions
That you brought it all under captivity
And that you really do have all the best intentions
But you're making a liar out of me
Well I say that you just young and self-tormented
But that deep down you understand
The hopes and fears and dreams of the discontented
That threaten now to overtake your promised land
Well I say you'd not sow discord among brothers
Nor drain a man of his integrity
That you remember the cries of orphans and their mothers
But you're making a liar out of me
But you're making a liar out of me
Well I say that, that ain't flesh and blood you're drinking
In the wounded empire of your fool's paradise
With a light above your head forever blinking
Turning virgins into merchandise
That you must have been beautiful when you were living
You remind me of some old-time used-to-be
I say you can be trusted with the power you been given
But you're making a liar out of me
So many things so hard to say as you stumble
To take refuge in your offices of shame
As the earth beneath my feet begins to rumble
And your young men die for nothin', not even fame
I say that someday you'll begin to trust us
And that your conscience not been slain by conformity
That you stand up unafraid to believe in justice
But you're making a liar out of me
You're making a liar out of me
Well I can hear the sound of distant thunder
From an open window at the end of every hall
Now that you're gone I got to wonder
If you ever were here at all
I say you never sacrificed my children
To some false god of infidelity
And that it's not the Tower of Babel that you're building
But you're making a liar out of me
You're making a liar out of me
Well you're making a liar out of me

Prophetic Interpretation of Stairway to Heaven

Comment on Dustography or is it Dustology?

Revelation 3:2 New International Version (NIV)

Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have found your deeds unfinished in the sight of my God.

More than 10 years have passed. I have begun to review the posts I made in February of 2007---first of all I was lead to re-read the prophetic interpretation of Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway to Heaven'---then I found these dustography photographs these should be printed on first class paper and properly framed---it is prophetic art.

But more than this: I wish to reflect here on the fact that if you were awake in February 2007 (and not all who walk in this world are awake :)

...if you were awake in February 2007, and stayed awake until now (!)
...then you can see how we have trudged our way into the Obama Administration (a surreal trek to be sure), the financial collapse, the BP oil spill, Osama bin Laden taken out, Bengazi) ...we march into the Trump presidency! But mind you, you are awake, so this means that you did not fall for the political bifurcation, nor agree only to discuss the talking points generated by NPR or FoxNews!

If you were awake you would have already known that Rupert Murdoch held the publishing prerogative in 95% of all news media outlets.

If you were awake you would also have at least considered the possibility that some of the so-called conspiracy theories might merit looking into!

If you were awake you had observed that technology went rampant in a massive viral mutation morphing into every nook and crannie of the commercial, material world.

If you were awake?

When are you going to wake up?


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A. politicheski pravitel'nost =political correctness


Lenin's first program: https://www.scribd.com/document/85827712/Frank-Ellis-Political-Correctness-and-the-Ideological-Struggle-From-Lenin-and-Mao-to-Marcuse-and-Foucault

B. Peer Review

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Prince on Holograms: They are Demonic.

Prince said of holograms: “That’s the most demonic thing imaginable. Everything is as it is, and it should be. If I was meant to jam with Duke Ellington, we would have lived in the same age. That whole virtual reality thing … it really is demonic. And I am not a demon….Also, what they did with that Beatles song [‘Free As a Bird’], manipulating John Lennon’s voice to have him singing from across the grave … that’ll never happen to me. To prevent that kind of thing from happening is another reason why I want artistic control.” 

Monday, February 05, 2018

Notice at 15 Minutes: Wild Lettuce Extract How To

Regina Dugan, Ph. D.: Check out Her Credentials


*Google Executive
*Facebook think tank-Building 8 Project
*working on a new project

Wonderful Expose: Deborah Tavares

Moloch of Totalitarianism

Reflections on Philanthropy---Groundhog Day 2018

Groundhog Day 2018

The news of the day is ever more bizarre, apocalyptic to be sure, but even that expression has become haggard with overuse.  

One sees everywhere a broad seemingly concerted effort to reduce displace and replace the human analog reality. Geoscientists, climate engineers,  institutional ethicists---all playing their part in the schema, a foretaste of Huxley's Brave New World. Therefore there is an  assault made upon humanity itself!  How is this re-ordering of the world and indeed the entire cosmos possible without broad consensus of uproar  or self-defense from the mass of people being restructured? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SipxiZabLxA

It is the Good which has become powerless.  For evil to triumph it is not essential that evil be overwhelmingly well-resourced and potent in its onslaught. Lack of defense is sufficient to guarantee the safe passage of dereliction into the governance of all institutions. Without defense, battalion or even strategy evil marches in freely and unchecked alongside the naive and innocent greenpeacers! It is as though the devil hides laughing while petty lies and deception prevail on all levels of the institution. Fundamentally absurd injustices abound and multiply in everyday experiences---absurd connections---take for example the humiliating use of microchips in credit and debit cards and the attendant rituals of their implementation and use. There is a regimentation characterized primarily as a lack of respect and honor; one meets this everyday, look at the language used in the bills we receive  for a blatant example of disrespect---lack of respect for one another as wonderful persons ensouled, created by God---now they are played dull without etiquette----
lack of honor because of this constant incremental grating and beating down day after day, computerized phone calls, absurd glitches----the person is pulled back to hide his or her face. Surface is all. The body becomes an insuperable mask. No longer does the luminescent soul shine through the flesh. The person so steadily dishonored grows dull and flat and entirely corpulent.

Which leads to the grand deception of philanthropy: it is this force above all which guarantees the Triumph of Pure Evil. It is at the hands of the well-meaning scientist and engineers so convincing in their fine sentiments concerning humanity and it's wondrous future.  False charity can be more devastating than outright contempt! False charity can be more devastating than outright contempt. We learn this from careful reading of the great Russian novelist, Fyodor Dostoevsky. In the case of outright contempt or detestation, one is yet aware of the enemy's continuous brooding attack on the most significant and valuable customs, those beacons of honest light which lift humanity above the dull surface of moral indifference and petty legality. [In dull tones NPR announces that at least 60 votes will be needed in the Senate to pass legislation which would ban abortion after 5 weeks. The dimwitted announcer passes effortlessly onto a cheerier note. ] Those experts of pulling the wool (one thinks of Barack Obama, or Hilary Clinton) manage to have everyone looking toward a rosy dawn of empowerment while the masters of perversion run rampant along the sideline.

It is the ones who speak not against but on behalf of humanity, ever hypnotizing---speaking of bold future innovations---space travel, eradication of disease, artificial intelligence, to the point where the majority of news reportage is a kind of talentless plagiarism from the great science fiction writers, Asimov or Heinlein or Huxley or Orwell. They make impossible claims to eradicate disease or poverty on a global scale. Impossible claims that are impossible to prove. It is these captains of Goodwill and giving with their Global visions of philanthropy who most excellently obscure the present danger and who therefore guarantee the safe passage of blatant liars, corrupt politicians, who effortlessly hoist denial of the most obvious and palpable realities impinging upon the rituals of daily life. All one need do to discover how vacuous higher learning is when citizens can no longer refer to the evidence which their eyes give them of dangers such as continuous stratospheric spraying. And when the honest citizen reports such evident phenomena, they are deemed as conspiracy theorists or kooks. For the sake of your edification,: 'conspiracy', as in 'to conspire', actually refers to the men and women who execute the dreaded spraying program, such as David Keith of Harvard University, the airline companies, and the military scientists who infiltrate US institutions of higher learning. The conspirers of 9/11 are the men and women in charge of the security of the World Trade Center complex, its owner and the NORAD officials and administrators who watched these buildings being decimated and vaporized without an iota of defense. BTW: The ‘truther’ [note the condescending overtone] are talked down to and cajoled, asking if their data is peer-reviewed---Peer review is an associate of 'consensus'--ruling out in principle genius of the kind of individually manifested discoveries such as Isaac Newton experienced, rather than a consensus of imbeciles worshipped and idolized as peer review. Well now for all you smarty pants out there---how many contemporary american academicians know that peer review is a Stalinist technique ('retsenzirovanie'), or that political correctness has its origins in Stalin’s mind control ('politicheskii pravitel'nost')? 

 I call some of these experts “engineers of the word” who coin vacuous expressions like ‘software’,  ‘peacekeepers’,  ‘smartcards’,  ‘virtual reality’  and the like. Reinforced by the legion that willfully speak in the same tongue who coin and spend false value to be cool and predominate in this moral wilderness everywhere in plain sight in the year of Our Lord 2018. [And yes, I will say anno domini, year of the Lord, because Jesus Christ is the true light of the world. I will not apologize for using free speech.]

To look at time and its passage: 2018 years, composed of decades, centuries, millennia, or in terms of years, days, hours, minutes, seconds. Whichever Reckoning is applied, time is all of a piece, it is just older, or implicate, convoluted  and more perverse. It is like a twisted root. Nothing changes in the human body or in their analogue reality.  Humanity is not to blame---humanity is not responsible for the effects of their historical civilization.  At the beginning of this age powers and dominions were set into place and it is there that they still remain---these forces and powers truly bind the thinking of the age. These powers are is as it were above time, The human personal world or age (saecula) becomes ever more deeply complicated. not in their essential truth and analogue being but outwardly developed in a nexus of legal connections and historical motifs. Let's imagine it this way: a recording of music that begins with a monophonic chant, and then adding layer after layer, unable to stop the recording, more layers are added. Then there is polyphony and elaboration after elaboration, layer after layer, sophistication and  complexity.  Call it progress as in going forward ‘progressus’ Yet, there is no sense of going toward anything---there's nothing to meet. Progressivism is a veiled nihilism. Continued trudging and trek into the desert of history with no sense of return to the source---this is the essential sense of the term ‘age’ or ‘world’ in the new testament---it is ‘saecula’---as one finds on the back of the US dollar bill: Novus ordo secluorum... It is layer after layer of complex legal historical fabric densely woven with no sense of order or decorum which binds mankind in its noose and web. It is pure binary code and algorithm.  All beauty is obscured in a smorgasbord of interwoven complexity, relativity, sheer noise---sheer gray cluttered noise! Whose science is algorithm. 

All quality and Beauty are leveled continuous onslaught bulldozing forests laying pipelines fracturing the deepest water sources filling the skies with billowing effluence from jet planes each and every maneuver sanctioned by the expert scientists and philanthropists for the greater good for mankind. Yet what is the greater good for mankind it is impossible to say perhaps there is no greater good perhaps it is a ruse,  a cipher, an empty set.  Let ‘x’ stand for this variable which everywhere and in all places allows man and woman to justify their unknowing onslaught against the virginal purity of God’s green earth. Today the one’s who wreak havoc upon the earth do so in the name of the greater good of humanity. They operate with all of the lessons learned from fascism about order and regimentation, all of the fascist techniques and machinery have been perfected and improved so that these captains of goodwill and philanthropy may lay all to waste while still being seen as upright men and women and not monsters like Hitler and Mussolini---wrapped up differently perhaps a little more polite, but in all practical purposes it is the same----unwittingly perhaps, naively and with good intention and best practices but nonetheless they devastate and wreak havoc. For this is the quintessence of philanthropy the complete evisceration of love from the term ‘charity’ or Caritas. Philanthropy while aiming at an apparent (virtual) good, delivers the actual power and influence of actual evil. Moreover the crystal ball visions of the master philanthropists  consistently overlook the most palpable and evident fact of today---that this is God’s world and  God’s gift which belongs to all nature, not just mankind. Hitler Stalin, and Tito may have been moral monsters but they did not practice geo engineering!

 So late in history are we, that innocence is gone. Rampant pedophilia predominates not only amongst the priests and curia of Roma, but in Hollywood and in Washington.  Paradise Lost is literal truth. Institutional experts have abandoned all actual value beauty and truth to their progressive plans for restructuring the world economy. Transgender!transhuman trans trans trans!

This foul cloak of history whose shell is carnage and dead meat of civilization. It is foul carrion what the worldly wise call treasure---O  great treasure! and much coveted fetish the dragon fingers and rubs. 
all virtue is swept away/ in the tidal destruction/ in the moral melee//
 from “thick as a brick...” (Jethro Tull). 

Then when all is securely laid to waste the masters of algorithm and captains of philanthropy may rest in their bundle of accolades and honorary degrees and epithets. They can congratulate one another for yet another venture project. But in all actuality and what they cannot see is their role as morticians to prepare the body of nature for burial--- the Eric Schmidts the Mark Zuckerbergs, the vultures,  the Bill Gates chewing up the carnage like raptors---esteemed gentleman and gentlewomen---Gini Rommety of IBM or David Keith at Harvard University sucking like a vacuum his dull vision to save the earth. We see  the billions of dollars wasted by the Wizards of Nothing the Bezos like PT Barnum take all that is sacred and lay it all to waste because “there are suckers born every minute.”

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Response to Geoengineers

IF the sun refused to shine
and they succeed in blotting out the sun---
 I would still find the light in sparks and in the woodfire;
and should the woodfires cease to burn,
I would yet find the truth of God in the soil.
Should they eradicate the earth and all of its soil
I would still find God in the minerals and ash
and should all of the soils disappear
I would still find God in my eyesight
and if I lose my sight I will still find God in my soul.
Were I to lose my soul then I should find myself in the Lord's arms once again.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday January 20, 2018

Giving thanks to God for this beautiful day...

Watching the jetplanes continuous billowing exhaust caging the sky in a crisscross grid. On a given day, for example, yesterday, there were 30-50 flyovers. Of course there is no airport near here and this was never a  busy air corridor for passenger flights, so your guess is as good as mine as to what is happening up there!

Most likely all this ties in with 5G network https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVrw7svZp-s---but if that is the case, then why is Harvard University announcing its stratospheric aerosol program (cf. David Keith)https://keith.seas.harvard.edu/researchareas/solar-geoengineering?  Is he a dupe? Is the climate science fervor a front for a global project to justify global aerosol spraying in the ruse of albedo modification but actually is a front for a more nefarious project? Or is this both albedo modification, and the emergence of a homogenous "smart" nanofield which can seamlessly deliver 5G?

In either case, this would be a crime of the highest degree in the America I grew up in. I cannot say if the average Joe or Jane would have been more honest in the '70s and '80s to see and report this most patent meteorological phenomenon within our unaided sight. At any rate, folks today are so caught up in "puppy chasing their tail" petty politically generated issues drawing everyone's attention from the main show which of course is the sky and these planes and their emissions. https://www.activistpost.com/2015/02/chemtrails-exposed-history-of-new.html

Jesus revealed that human beings are sheep---indeed they are. They are helpless before the slaughtering wolves, political whores, corporate thieves and pirates, false administrative officials and the gang of thugs that run this country from pillar to post. And no, I am not referring to the president and his cronies---"The enemy I see wears the cloak of decency---all men haters and woman haters talking in the name of religion (Bob Dylan)." These are the scientists, academicians, petty government officials, local government, anyone who denies that the Son of Man was born in the flesh. 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Attempt to link Climate and Conflict Causally underlies Fake Science

The Age of Consequences documentary

Another slick professionally made PR tools to promote geoengineering in the name of sustainability--
it is obvious that the goal in producing such a lavish and slick documentary is to establish a consensus that climate intervention is a necessity---a risk to be sure (hence the title---since when has there been an age without consequences?)  I encourage viewers to clearly see the tendentious manner in which this documentary was created---every thesis and point it makes with a clear overarching heuristic--to justify radical geoengineering techniques such as carbon sequestration (the strawman) and chemtrails (the actual goal of this film's argument).

It's principal experts also have used TED talks toward this goal as well. Note that the term 'science' no longer has an empirical or evidential basis---climatologists and climate science seeks expert consensus in order to deploy putative solutions to the Global Warming Crisis---whether or not there is such a crisis is a matter of belief since there is no material evidence for such a thesis. Moreover it is a pseudoscience that parades as science, since there is no allowance for considering the matter with critical intelligence. It is simply that if one does not go along with the experts, one is called a kook.

Here is the trailer---

The film will be viewed at the State Theatre w/ a panel of experts on April 11, 2018

Having attended the last SCRIM film I know that no pre-screened (therefore authentic or real) questions will be addressed. All questions are gathered in advance of the film. 

Sunlight Research

Highly referenced research article concerning chemtrails.....

BTW: What exactly is 'Meteorology Practice'; as in David W. Titley is a professor of meteorology practice at Penn State?

Does the practice threaten the scientific legitimacy?
What other ___________ practice roles now exist (physics, medicine, etc.)


David W. Titley and David Keith: Scientists now Wear Two Hats

A new trend has scientists and in particular climate scientists also having simultaneous academic teaching positions and authority in public policy alongside consulting roles and roles within the government and defense departments.

Example #1: David W. Titley (retired US military, Penn State faculty in two domains, government role)


Example #2: David keith (harvard faculty in 2 domains; keith group)

Figure it out yourself---universities are now acting as double agents with top secret military research and public policy hidden in plain sight---