If I’d lived my life by what others were thinkin’, the heart inside me would’ve died

I was just too stubborn to ever be governed by enforced insanity

Someone had to reach for the risin’ star, I guess it was up to me

"Up to Me" by Bob Dylan)

Friday, March 17, 2017

New Post on Sovieta Blog: Confessional Memoir

New US Dollar-Dollar Redesign Project-USA Corporation Dollars

M. Zakharova Sets the Record Straight on US Media Disinformation

Again... the basis of truth that cannot be found in US media sources can be found in Russian President Putin's Speeches!


Here Vl. Putin reveals the universal spying on citizens that is practiced in the US by the CIA and NSA.

Vladimir Putin: I would rather be a pessimist drinking cognac than an optimist sniffing a cockroach....

Russian President opens his talk on the World Order with a funny joke.☺☺📀

Vladimir Putin Reveals that Obama and Hilary Clinton Developed, Made Possible ISIS


Ironically, we now turn to Russia for legitimate news.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Glen Campbell: Wichita Lineman-excellent live recording

Law: What is It?

Law---I am looking for its root and essence so that I might better understand the truth of this phenomenon.

The problem of evil turns out to be the critical problem in the realm of philosophy but this does not emerge until human culture and civilization achieves a certain "maturity" ---- a fulness of time in which the era is fulfilled, revealed. Then evil is "scoped". Decadence reveals the root of the problem of evil. To see the phenomenon of law is to see the root of evil, and vice-versa, God has no need of law.  Knowledge of evil is an impregnable fortress which Adam must squirrel away east of the gates of eden. Adam does not take a much with him on the flight from the misty beauty of Eden but he has been tinged and plagued with this horrible "knowledge".

Perhaps the horror of the knowledge of this age with its brave new world and systematic medical atrocities, chemtrails, Round-Up landscaping, corporate impersonal "best practices", virtual reality, false prophets such as Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, IBM's Gini Rometty, all wizards of Oz. The horror of the knowledge to have to wake up and see a world so gone stray. This is it---the precise root of the knowledge of good and evil---the fruit and proof of Adam's fall and the evidence that the commander of the air, the prince of Tyre, is having a field day seeing as these so-called gurus of our time are so easily snared in the wiles of satan---the restrainer has fallen and the mad dog is off his leash, rambling about in the open seeking whom he may devour. Cursing and hissing at man, so full of jealousy and condescension. Sniffing out all innocence like a bloodhound bent on murder and deception, so proud of her high IQ, and his self-made lifestyle. Now except for the double agents and mercenaries of the Lord, all churches are caught in the net, all education, all power of every sort. It is not hard to see why the masses are madly wallowing in distraction 24/7---computing in general---and pretending that this digital world is actually work, is actually education, is actually government, is actually friendship (like Facebook). 'Virtual' is the antithesis of actuality and truth, its synonym is 'fake', 'false' or 'illusory'. Hence the picture that the computer gives is better termed: 'false reality' which is of course a contradiction---hence the expression 'virtual reality' is a lie or a deception pure and simple.

The whole world is a lie, save the knowledge of Jesus Christ---all is so clearly and evident folly.
Let me tell you---this was not the case in the 1970s---it is a like a kindergarten criminal in the year 1970----his education, his seven year old worldview (BTW that kid is me). The apocalypse, the fall of babylon is a mere 'possibility'---superviruses and 9/11 are as yet unthinkable, the covert government spraying aerosol chemtrails does not start in earnest until 1995 after the scientists win their Nobel prize for the albedo effect in 1994. You know, you invent a brilliant instrument of death--the drone, Monsanto's seed modification, universal compliance to ethics codes mandatorily enforced by all powers that be so that you "learn how to smile as you kill."  This enforced ignorance is mandated through online training. Now into my 54th year it is all unfolding like clockwork---as if it were "written in my soul." Rip van Winkle am I except I have slept twice as long! I wake up in the year 2017---young people do not play outside anymore, their eyes are locked onto handheld cancer causing microwave device. The neighbor pours yet more toxic herbicide on their lawn. And other drone strike takes out collateral damage, once more not a single bit of evil is touched, more innocent lives are spilled and the military deems the maneuver a success. No one disagrees. For they are blinded to the evil in their own heart which they perpetuate which is curable by only one remedy, the salve of true salvation---Jesus Christ. Oh yeah and this Good News, this Gospel of one's salvation is forbidden from the public sphere and in schools. One can join in a protest where pink ribbons and talk about "making a difference"---until you have ferreted out the root of evil all of the do-gooders have no way of knowing of their best practices are not leading to the destruction of all that is sacred personally to them and their families. Folks get nervous when I talk about satan, the devil but it is OK to spend millions of dollars to create entertainment of murder, rape and betrayal in Hollywood and to blaspheme and use the Lord God's name in vain and to sear this into the eyes of your own relatives and children through HDTV. They will say that satan is "symbolic", a narrative, or myth but not a true actuality---then the grim reaper draws ever closer to their own precious loved ones and they still can't see and if they see cannot name and call out evil as a straightforward factual force that drives every aspect of their own lives, save for some narrow haven that they still possess. Satan indeed is actual, not symbolic, but he deals in symbols and imagery. Why this fetish concerning 'is it live or is it memorex'---so-called "live"TV, "live news", replays and then back to live---who's kidding who?

The gift of Satan is the knowledge of good and evil--thanks to the serpentine lie---what was corrupted in Adam becomes the stock of the world, its "progress" and it grows into this beastly world system we see today. It is not pretty---the humanitarians still want to attribute 'goodness' to human beings while all around them all human progress and technology, medicine, education and government is hung about their necks like a noose as the son of perdition is unrestrained having the time of his life because there are not many hours before the dawn and at the dawn of the global messiah pantocrator it is game over for the devil and his legions and his minions. In that dawn no one will stand all will be on their knees before the returning Lord---even those who pierced him! Game over to the 'digital nervous system' game over for AI, corporations, economic systems, all wealth and luxury. There is absolutely no other obligation for mankind save to surrender and worship the true messiah. No other prayers or gods are required. truth will out in the end. Rebellious mankind has created their own hellish destruction, fulfilling the prophecies. Thanks to technology, science, healthcare, the roll-out of the apocalypse is right on schedule and according to the ethics and best practices which ensure its universal hellishness.

Thank God for the masterful plan to save all mankind from this diabolic panzi scheme which begins with a covenant with Abraham. All through Moses and Isaiah, up until the birth of the messiah 2010 years or so ago.

God chooses to open up the doorway of communication with Abraham, and lo and behold, promises that his offspring will prosper immensely. Through this bloodline the Messiah will be born, the one to redeem and save Israel. Abraham answers the call. God once more walks with a son of adam. It is not the same sort of union with God that Adam and eve enjoyed but it's a start! From thence forward God will work this covenant for the redemption of all mankind and the universe. The Law that God gives to Moses is, dare I say, a corrective and punitive crutch for an out of control people who keep trying to get themselves back under the plow of Egypt. Seeing that human nature seems to crave slavery, they get right back to worshipping the golden calf. There is only one way that this can be pulled off, hit them with the Law! Enter Moses.

 Law is a pretty good thing for invoking a leveller and religion is good at eking out obedience, enough schooling in the laws gets God's people at least acting civil and pointing in the right direction.
You can dress 'em up but you can't take them out.

Nowadays knowledge is seen as a pretty cool thing---so the question arises: how is it that knowledge becomes horrible? The sidewinder's slippery lie embroils the progenitor of our race in a problematic whose consequences must be lived through until the last man. If Jesus Christ, the last man, dies on the cross and is resurrected somewhere near Jerusalem 2000 years ago, then what kind of 'provisional man'  populates this age of the Gentiles.? Who are you? Who am I? Thanks be to God that he extended the salvation worked out within the covenant with Israel to include the Gentiles. The messiah it turns out is global and not one people's private treasure. When you are waiting for a political messiah, you are looking for a cross between Caesar, Hitler, The Beatles, or Barack Obama, even Donald Trump. Who has the courage or humility to see that the emperor wears no clothes---it is better to stay true to your own unique individuality even if it costs your earthly life---than to join the 'greater good' or church or team or party or whatever association purports to speak on behalf of the salvation that is uniquely tailored for only one person---namely you! Ironically the only way to one's true individual essence is to surrender to the son of man. To embrace one's own core which indeed 'seems' puny. One's own nature seems broken---it is fragile, fragmented, emotionally needy, etc. Only love can pierce through one's rightful self hate because I am loved as I am---I am accepted as I am, I am saved as I am! It is more than I could have even given myself or even hoped for.

Thank God that the last man, Jesus Christ, all praise to his holy name. Our bloodline is the same and the consequences of the curse upon the first man radiate self-evidently around, outside us in the news of the world, but even moreso inwardly, the nature of evil is still "squirrelled" in the human heart.

Adam's body has become enlarged, we are Adam's offspring. All destined to die thanks to the slippery  lie.

All redeemed if a member of the body of Christ---the truly human. Yet, this requires a choice---the gift is in evidence, is irrefutably real---Christ's sacrifice has once and for all been made. The historical record of Pontius Pilate amply accords with the true historical facticity of Jesus' innocence before the charges leveled at him in the Roman Praetorium. THE GIFT HAS BEEN DELIVERED AND AWAITS YOU---Is there a Christmas present which you forgot to open? It is still there under the tree.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Chemtrails Documentary: Exposing Aerosol Crimes


The non-reporting of these phenomena by news media, educators and meteorologists is also a crime---fraudulence.

Trump Rally in Melbourne, Fla. With Lord's Prayer: Impressive


Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Burt Bachrach and Dionne Warwick: Loneliness Remembers


This video gives to me an amazing array of memories---yet, I have never heard this tune until it appeared on Youtube. It awakens a sense of 'seventies-ness'---all of it, you can hear this in their tone of voices, playful---a kind of pathos that is forgotten. Dare I call it innocence---the feeling of 'back in the day'.

Specific memories: in the dentist's chair at Dr. Thaler's, I listened carefully to every song on the Muzak radio---this brings back memories of my mother---I can almost see her and to reach out and touch her---it is such a rich tapestry! Flower power. I am amazed at the power of memory---yes---think about it---this power of memory to recall and re-present this world. It is all right there at my fingertips---along this corridor. Do you recall these days, along the ragged alleyways in Duncansville, St. Catherine's old wooden chapel---the Wye Switches?

Global Warming Hoax

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Utter Astonishment

Let’s begin by distinguishing wonder and astonishment. The sense of wonder is indeed the fountain from which authentic philosophy issues---wonder concerning the beauty of a bubbling brook or a raging snowstorm---wonder seems to be aimed at some phenomenon that is present and entails a perplexity which is felt alongside an experience of nature. This human ‘sense’ initiates philosophical inquiry: questioning and thinking.

Astonishment arises not from a specific phenomenon but from the startling, and immediate sense of the total sum of phenomena in the face of nothing.

The artist is amazed at the poetic majesty of the glowing horizon at the end of day or the reflection of the sunset on the surface of the lake---wonder gives forth a question of how this specific manifestation of beauty arises, not only in nature but within her sense. 

Later she is struck all at once with another question---one more disturbing, apparently groundless---but how is it that any of this appears to me at all? And more profoundly---how is it that I am sensing this? How is it that I am? How is it that any of this appears at all including me?

St. Augustine in The Confessions touches on both the sense of wonder and this more radical ‘sense’ of utter astonishment which calls into question the very ground of his own being, his soul: "For then shalt Thou rest in us, as now Thou workest in us; and so shall that be Thy rest through us, as these are Thy works through us. But Thou, Lord, ever workest, and art ever at rest. Nor dost Thou see in time, nor art moved in time, nor restest in a time; and yet Thou makest things seen in time, yea the times themselves, and the rest which results from time (Confessions Book 13).

By “astonishment” I am not referring to any cotidian marvel but the utterly astounding thought which first of all appears as terrible and full of awe. It is not clear how common this experience is, as for myself, I have never met a person who claims to have felt this, save for a few philosophers, and of course the greatest writers---St. Augustine, Heidegger, Dostoevsky. It is absolutely uncanny and springs up all at once---not in the senses but at the root of on’e being. Heidegger calls this ‘Nothing’---‘das Nicht’. Yet, the full sense of terror cannot be grasped by merely reading about this ‘phenomenon’---it must be directly experienced. 

Astonishment sends one reeling--the Oxford English Dictionary’s first entry for ‘astone; astun’ is “1. To stun; to strike senseless with a blow or partially senseless with a loud noise.” Further meanings are “to daze, to stupefy. strike mute with amazement, overwhelm one’s presence of mind, to confound, astound, astonish (‘Astone’ OED, p.521).” Such a dazzling is not brought about by one’s will. Rather it overcomes the thinker, creeping in and then all at once. Having experienced this one can never forget it. It is unique, primordial and undeniable. Heidegger also calls this ‘falling’ ‘Geworfenheit: thrownness. It is overwhelmingly complete and completely disarms the senses and mind. Leaving one with the most profound question: How is it that I am here and all of the universe besides? It is strange and alienating.
Incidentally, before we leave the etymology, one notices the term 'stone' in the root of 'astonishment'---indeed it is the same root as 'to get stoned'---in Dylan's Rainy Day Women: "everybody must get stoned." Better yet we hear this in Van Morrison's "And it Stoned Me":  And it stoned me to my soul/ It stoned me just like going home/ It stoned me."